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SAP Dashboards

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Gain the insight you need to seize opportunities – with our comprehensive business intelligence (BI) software for midsize companies. Leverage flexible tools like ad hoc reporting and analysis, dashboards and visualization – add data quality management and integration – along with prepackaged data marts that deliver faster, higher ROI. Use the SAP BusinessObjects BI, Edge Edition BI resources below to learn how, with help from Blue Marble Consulting, you use business intelligence to gain a competitive advantage.



Harness collective insight with BI software from SAP

Empower your people with easy access to the business intelligence (BI) and data exploration tools they need to make faster, more informed decisions. Our BI platform and software provide one suite for all insights – and one very high standard for enterprise BI. Boost your organization’s collective IQ by giving all users information that can help them drive smarter processes, improve performance, and become more effective in everything they do.

See your business clearly with powerful, interactive dashboard software

Give your decision makers an easier way to explore insights and test out future business scenarios. Our dashboard software offers users personalized, drag-and-drop functionality and interactive gauges, charts, and widgets – for instant access to clear, understandable metrics.

– Drive faster decision making with unparalleled interactivity and “what if” analysis

– Gain superior flexibility for IT and business users with direct connectivity to live data sources

– Design inspirational dashboards that can be deployed and adopted quickly

– Mobilize your dashboard on iPad for insights anywhere, anytime

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