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Migration to S/4HANA from R/3

There are several options for launching your S/4HANA system:



There are multiple migration options available to help you move from your current database:



For moving from an existing relational database, the standard procedure is the Database Migration Option (DMO). The DMO has the following benefits:

  • Manual effort and error-prone processes reduced
  • Lower prerequisites for SAP and DB start releases
  • Only intermediate fallback effort, as original database could be reactivated
  • Downtime optimized
  • Only one downtime phase

The image below shows an overview of the migration process to S/4HANA using the DMO approach:



Migration to S/4HANA includes an option that combines the upgrade with the database migration option (DMO). The result is a one-step migration procedure, compared to the classical migration (i.e. heterogeneous system copy, using Software Provisioning Manager). The DMO is an inplace-migration (instead of a new installation): it upgrades and migrates the existing system while keeping the system-ID, host name, and connectivity settings stable.


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