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“Blue Marble’s unparalleled experience with SAP public sector solutions made a key difference in the selection of SAP and BearingPoint over a number of implementers including IBM as our system integrator. The Johns Hopkins University and Health System sale was over $250 Million in licenses and services. BearingPoint included Blue Marble as part of their team in the interview phase of our vendor selection process. The experience and knowledge displayed by this team was a key contributor to the selection of BearingPoint to the Hopkins Project.”

Jim Aumiller
Senior Associate Dean of Finance & Administration
Former SAP Finance & Sponsored Projects Team Lead


    Our expertise has helped large partners close Millions in licenses and services. Let our pre-sales certified SAP consultants help your sales team to DISCOVER + DEMO + DELIVER today.



1. Public Sector & Non-Profits: Is grant funding being managed accurately, real time and meeting sponsors requirements? Can they easily manage multi-funded projects with different fiscal years?

2. Any Industry: Is the management of projects integrated seamlessly for capital (construction in progress) projects, accounts receivable and billing for revenue and milestone projects?

3. Utilities Industry: How effectively are they managing enterprise asset maintenance? Do they have predictive analytics to optimize the life cycle of their assets?

4. Professional Services: Can profitability be easily reported? Can revenue and expenses be sliced and diced by product or service attribute?

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